Do you live in a bubble?

Think about something. #DumpKelloggs is all over the Internet. I went to the Kellogg’s site today and searched their news links……nothing. Oh, I found some recipes and some “happy-feel-good” news, but nothing on the raging hashtag. I searched the site for #DumpKelloggs….nothing. Now, you may say that “Kellogg’s is not a news site” and you’d […]

OMG. Do you trust the media?

I don’t. Here’s why. Be sure to pay attention to the smugness, self-righteousness, narrow-mindedness, and sheer stupidity of the characters. The mainstream media is a joke. It is an agenda masquerading as legitimate news. And there’s this… Stop relying on mainstream media. Professionalism and objectivity seem to have vanished. Use the Internet. Don’t sit on […]