Climate data manipulated

You can read the story here.

In the post consciousness and science, the author discusses one of the limitations of science. “We are merely suggesting that men (and women) of science often exclude from their thinking the possibility there is more in existence than just the physical.”

I wish that was its only limitation. When scientists also exclude (or distort) the physical then we have a real problem. Scientists are human and humans are prone to injudiciousness. I believe much science is agenda-driven. When vetting the results of a scientific study, ask yourself who or what entity may have funded the study. Who are the possible winners or losers based on the study results? Are you reading the actual study itself and examining the methodology, sampling, etc.? Or, are you reading an analysis of the study through the eyes of a “journalist“. If a scientist has an agenda and a study becomes suffused with that agenda, and, you are also reading the results of the study as reported by a “journalist” with an agenda, you might as well go read the comics.

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