Do you live in a bubble?

Think about something. #DumpKelloggs is all over the Internet. I went to the Kellogg’s site today and searched their news links……nothing. Oh, I found some recipes and some “happy-feel-good” news, but nothing on the raging hashtag. I searched the site for #DumpKelloggs….nothing.

Now, you may say that “Kellogg’s is not a news site” and you’d be correct. But, what if you were a Kellogg’s investor and went to their site to take a look at how things are going at the company? You would miss what perhaps is currently the biggest story affecting their stock price. How credible are the news sections of their site?

Generalize this to other sites that declare themselves as news sites such as CNN, Fox, MSN, etc. What if you got all your news from only one of these sites?

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