Democratize Income Taxes

Starting a fund-raiser to build a wall along the Mexican border was proposed in a recent commentary on the Fox News website. Because Republicans see the wall as necessary for national defense, and Democrats see it as racist, it has been impossible to get Americans to compromise on building the wall and to allocate […]

All you man-made-global-warming zealots need to read this.

If these scientists are correct the “man-made” contribution to climate change is minuscule compared to the completely natural events that will cause massive sea level increases. Money and technology invested in reducing the human impact on climate change should be redirected to dealing with the consequences of such change. Zealots, it’s going to happen. But […]

Another plea for the snowflakes…please, they desperately need your help.

Talk to your doctor to make sure the right colors are available based on your race and sensitivity to gender pronouns. Be sure to use all coloring therapy crayons in a safe place, where harmful thoughts and opinions can’t influence a fragile snowflake. Source: Save The Snowflakes Offers Prescription Crayons For Gorsuch Confirmation | MRCTV

Before all you whiny liberals start lamenting over the nuclear option, read this.

  Democrats trigger showdown with GOP after White House nominations are repeatedly blocked. Source: Reid, Democrats trigger ‘nuclear’ option; eliminate most filibusters on nominees – The Washington Post If you do read it, make sure to notice this excerpt… Republicans vowed to reciprocate if they reclaim the majority. “Democrats won’t be in power in perpetuity,” said […]

Freudian slip

I’m beginning to understand the lamestream media’s hatred of Trump. They believe he is encroaching on their unstated (until now) mission of controlling people’s minds. So, I’d like to taunt the media with a tautogram. I guess you could say that I want to send them a taunt-o-gram. Perennially pompous posteriors protest President’s persuasive power. Watch the video […]